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Creative Earth is an international management consultancy that works with public and private sector clients to improve their operations in a number of areas including sustainability, environmental planning, communications, technology, localization, training, coaching, and evaluation. As experienced environmental specialists, project managers and content strategists, we provide our clients with recommendations and solutions based on in-depth research and analysis, and timely and accurate assessment and reporting.


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Putting People and the Environment Back in Business

As The Economist points out, there has long been a debate about whether companies should maximize shareholder value, or pursue the social and environmental goals of sustainability. But this doesn’t have to be a debate at all: Companies that recognize the contribution of people and the environment to business success are more profitable in the long term.


Companies play a more expansive role in the communities they are a part than simply providing a product or a service. Businesses provide jobs, they are a part of the physical landscape with their offices, retail stores, and production facilities; they have relationships with other businesses, including vendors and distributors, and the local government; and their managers and employees are a part of and participate in community life. This web of relationships means that businesses have a reputation to maintain. That reputation is built by providing quality products and services at a reasonable price, paying workers fairly and looking after their health and on-the-job safety, and not breaking the law. Provided there is a demand for what they are selling, and they can manage their costs, such businesses should profit.


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