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Disagreement and conflict is a part of life, and humans are sometimes dissatisfied or disappointed. But this doesn't have to translate into lost customers, public protest, or permanent damage to your brand or organization.


A good media or public relations plan addresses, in a timely manner, the problems customers or the public perceive or have experienced with your organization, and works to solve those problems. In the case of a faulty product, this means acknowledging the issue and proposing a solution, such as sending a replacement product, or providing a refund.


In the case of service failures, it is important to hear complaints, apologize for the problem, and propose a solution. In some cases, this means following up with a specific employee, and/or adjusting company policy or operations, while reaffirming the organization's goal and intent to provide quality service. Ultimately, the customer is always right, and instead of being a threat to your business or organization, complaints can be a way to develop stronger relationships. By responding quickly, providing an apology, and a possible solution, you walk the walk of accountability, and your customers and the public will take notice.


Customers may at different times and for different reasons be happy or unhappy with your organization, but if you treat everyone with respect and consideration, your business will thrive.


Creative Earth can provide an objective voice to your public relations campaign, including policies, guidelines and real-time support for responding to online customer concerns and complaints, via email and social media. 


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