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Environmental Planning

Creative Earth conducts due diligence, feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments for client projects; and develops specific, community, general and area plans that comply with municipal code, city or county policies and goals, and environmental law and regulations.


In addition to providing policy, planning and environment services to ensure client projects are legally defensible and include comprehensive and effective mitigation measures, Creative Earth specializes in stand-alone sustainability reports, and include sustainability analysis and metrics in all our development plans, studies and reports. In particular, we are interested in securing client savings through green building and other solutions that are low-cost, reduce energy and water use, waste, and GHG emissions, and promote environmental health and safety.


Fundamentally, we believe that status quo land use planning is outdated and damaging to the environment and our communities. As such, we assist clients in planning socially responsible and environmentally sustainable projects. In particular, we prioritize alternative transportation and work to reduce car dependency and related externalities including long commutes, air pollution, and the separation of uses typical of current subdivision development. We utilize the energy of the environment for heating and cooling while taking advantage of alternative energy sources to offset fossil fuel dependency. Finally, we promote human interaction and cooperation through mixed-use development and expanded open space and pedestrian amenities.


The built environment shapes not only our behavior, but also influences our health and quality of life. For millennia human beings have created beautiful spaces and places using local materials in harmony with the climate, geography, and culture. Now that we understand the negative impacts of a fossil fuel based economy, it is time to return to the lessons of the past and create communities that are economically self-sufficient and socially vibrant.


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