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In their 1987 report Our Common Future, the UN Brundtland Commission stated that sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”


Sustainability, however, transcends development; specifically, it is the capacity to endure and thrive. This applies as much to individuals, species, and ecosystems as it does to public and private organizations, goods and services, and the built environment.


At Creative Earth, we develop sustainability reports that help the public and private sector assess their impacts, according to the triple bottom line (society, environment, and economy).


A typical sustainability report provides an economic profile of the company, environmental indicators including energy and water use, waste and pollution, assessed environmental fines and penalties, GHG emissions and environmental impacts of goods and services; and social indicators including workforce description and analysis, accident and illness reports, training programs, employee rights and benefits, disciplinary policies, and human rights standards. Finally, social indicators include consumer health, safety and privacy, labeling and communication, customer service and complaints.


While ideally a business or organization must embrace, plan, and implement the recommendations for all of the above in the move toward a gold standard of sustainability, we recognize that sustainability is a step-by-step process. Consequently, we work with our clients to develop custom solutions according to current needs and resources.


Sustainability reporting provides numerous benefits to your business or organization including cost savings based on increased efficiency, reduced energy and water use, and waste elimination, repurposing and resale. Economic analysis helps our clients understand their material and service costs so that they can chose the best materials at the best price, while eliminating the use of harmful materials, and the need for unnecessary packaging and disposal. Assessment of the sustainability of workplace conditions and policies sends a clear message to employees that they have a stake in the company as it moves toward positive change; consequently, a business or organization that is doing its part to enhance the environment and local community will benefit from the high morale and productivity of employees engaged in meaningful work.


Understanding the needs and concerns of customers and the public helps our clients improve service and production quality while reducing impacts on the environment. This results in greater customer loyalty and public support for businesses and organizations that are committed to sustainability. Finally, because sustainable businesses are more efficient, have more productive employees, and a loyal customer base, they will outperform businesses that focus on profit alone: a reality that is reflected in positive ROI and stock valuation.


In the long term the economic, environmental, and social benefits of becoming sustainable far outweigh the costs.


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