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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Creative Earth we help clients engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that addresses the underlying environmental and social challenges facing their company. In order for CSR to be an agent of change, the corporate mandate of maximizing shareholder profit must be revised to include two key components of business that are costly to ignore: people (employees, customers, vendors, partners, the public) and the environment (natural resources and systems).


Creative Earth helps clients navigate the process of self-assessment to develop corporate charters, policies and programs that allow them to set their own course to responsible business with employee input and consideration for environmental constraints.


Whether clients choose to develop an entirely employee-owned company, allow employee representation on advisory boards, or just encourage open employee communication, the inclusion of environmental and social concerns in decision-making will help reduce waste and inefficiency and improve performance. By balancing shareholder profit with stakeholder input and sound environmental management, clients benefit from increased growth and profitability in the long term.


Accountability is the foundation of holistic CSR solutions and the source of ultimate business success. At Creative Earth we develop CSR charters, policies, programs, and goals that promote proper management of environmental resources, enhance employee well-being and performance, and empower clients to produce quality products and services made with care and an absence of waste. We help clients walk the walk so that their customers and the public take notice.


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