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Auditing & Evaluation

At Creative Earth we provide auditing, due diligence, and evaluation services based on the latest environmental and labor compliance and certification standards and assessment methods. Our independent evaluations map the progress of sustainable business practices while providing clients with recommendations on how to improve the performance of their company and supply chains. More than a financial audit, social and environmental monitoring and evaluation provides a complete picture of how clients and their partners are operating. By engaging in sustainability as a process, clients are better able to adapt to changing market conditions.


We also develop vendor packets for international suppliers outlining the company code of conduct and sustainability guidelines and requirements; monitor responses to ensure packets are completed accurately and honestly; and provide clients with international on-site factory due diligence to confirm vendor claims regarding factory health and safety standards, and the life cycle of their products, including quality control, materials sourcing, energy and water use, waste generation, and disposal. This in-depth assessment empowers clients to choose international vendors that embrace the company sustainability vision.


Whether clients need an on-site factory audit of an international vendor, want to measure and reduce energy and water use at headquarters, or determine the effectiveness of employee benefit programs and performance incentives, Creative Earth can deliver the objective and accurate assessment your business needs to meet and continually improve upon its sustainability goals.


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