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Marketing and communications is essential to any organization, and includes research, digital and traditional content development and strategy, media and public relations, and promotions and events. A good marketing and communications plan spreads the word about an organization's products and services, while also documenting their quality and value. Good internal communication lets everyone know who is responsible for what, when it is to be delivered, and according to what standards. Good external communication updates clients on progress, addresses public concerns and complaints, and informs and balances media coverage of your organization.


Most organizations are familiar with and engage in some form of traditional marketing and communications which involves the transmission of one-way messages through formats such as logos, brochures, static website copy, and print, radio, and television ads. While these are and remain important ways to get the message out about your organization and what it does that is valuable or useful to potential customers or citizens, it is also important to have a good digital marketing and communications plan.


Digital marketing and communications differs from traditional formats in that it is a dialogue between an organization and its customers or target audience, and in that organizations can measure the impact of their message via online analytical tools and apps. Social media marketing (SMM) allows customers and citizens alike to provide feedback on an organization's performance to help it improve its products and services. Search engine optimization (SEO), helps organizations increase their visibility on the internet and better reach their target audience with the right message. Finally, the impact and effect of digital marketing efforts can be measured using online analytical tools to determine impressions, or the number of views a website and/or online ads receive, and conversion rates, or how this translates into sales.


Creative Earth is skilled at developing traditional and digital marketing and communications plans that preserve and enhance clients' brand identity, and engage customers and the target audience in dialogue, via email, blogs, and other social media, in order to better understand their interests and needs.


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