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Employees are the foundation of any business. In addition to sound environmental management, businesses or organizations must also take their workers' well-being into consideration. This starts with paying employees a living wage relative to the cost of living. While labor laws (such as OSHA in the United States) provide workers with the basic protections they need, a living wage and a safe working environment are just the beginning of valuing employees.

At Creative Earth we develop health and wellness policies and programs that improve the working environment, empower employees, and promote worker well-being. Studies show that providing accessible and inviting indoor and outdoor communal space, plants, natural light, good ventilation (and even allowing pets) in the workplace, improves employee health and productivity, and results in fewer sick days. Additionally, codifying work-life balance issues such as flex-time and maternity/paternity leave increases worker well-being and company loyalty. Finally, employees experience increased job satisfaction when they are empowered to share institutional knowledge of business operations, encouraged to assist in the development of best practices that may be overlooked in the boardroom, and allowed to contribute work hours to community service.

By valuing employees and their well-being, asking for their input, recognizing their contributions, and creating a safe, healthy, working environment, you help them and your organization thrive. Contact us today to develop outstanding employee health and wellness programs for your business or organization!

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